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Chef Cake - Cooke Crush

Chef Cake - Cooke Crush

by Zemo Softwares


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Chef Cake - Cooke Crush
Chef Cake - Cooke Crush
Chef Cake - Cooke Crush
Chef Cake - Cooke Crush
Chef Cake - Cooke Crush

Chef Cake will have a grand opening in this summer, many delicious food will be cooked for you.
Chef Cake - cookie crush is a cookie match 3 puzzle game. In this kitchen, you and elephant chef: Cookie Jam, will travel around the world, from the jungle, to the Ancient Egypt, or some other miraculous place to find new way to cook, make a new chef story. On the way, you will meet some various mission type:
- Super easy : Match 3 same color or mix up more to get enough score of mission
- Shuffle Vegtables: identical position of vegtables, and match cookie at those position to shuffle with them.
- Miner Type: you must dig a some line to pass this mission, every level, you must dig a certain line.
- Collect food: collect enough type (cupcake or pastry) of needed food.
- Collect biscuit: you must swap how to bring the biscuit to the bottom line and use cookie crush them.

If you are a fan of match 3 game, you will please with Chef Cake - a new chef story! Try to get all stars in each level to beat leader board and walk through a ton of levels in this completely new hit puzzle adventure. And in your adventure, you will meet obstacle prevent you achieve the target:
- Rock: you can't swap rock with a cookies.
- Chocolate: if in one move, you can't destroy one chocolate, it will grow up and change with cookie.
- Fence: prevent you swap gem.

But don't worry, if you meet a difficult mission, your partner, your partner, Elephant Chef Cookie Jam will give you item booster to help you easier than to crush many cookies and gather them in the same time, you could use it in any time you want:
- Breaker: break one food, or same type of this.
- Refresh: exchange all position in the cutting board.
- Barrow: cookie blast a column.
- Rolling Pin: cookie blast a row.
- Magic Bottle: cookie crush in a large position.

How to Play:
- Match-3 or more cookies of the same type to eliminate the color.
- Match more than 3 to make special object like cookie boom and blaster, even amazing magic candy.
- Match 4 same color of cookie will create blaster could be blast entire row or column. Blaster could blast rock, cage, chocolate and more.
- Use combos to reach your targets and become cookie jam.
- Every levels need you get a certain score to get 3 stars

- Global, cross-platform leaderboard to compare score your friends and competitors.
- When you complete mission that remains move, you will get in bonus mania time, this will give you a huge score
- Very beautiful graphics, and simple gameplay.
- Daily mission will give you an new target in everyday.
- Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface.
- Everyday, you will give a bonus item or bonus coin, they will help you pass level easier.
- You can link with your friend in social network to play together and help them.
- Go top and become a cookie heroes with noble titles, Cookie Heroes.
- Over 250+ challenging deluxe mission in this Chef Story.
- Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet.
- Connect social and play with friend, help them, send them more live or send request to them. With every friend you invited, you will receive an certain coin, play with friend, more fun, and more exciting.
- Slot machine, extra lucky with free everyday.

Why you will love Chef Cake - Cookie Crush:
- All levels are designed attentively, ultimate mission will be crazy and much difficult with you.
- Helpful boosters to help with challenging levels
- Daily bonus coin by share your result and slot machine.

Please note:
Our game is funny free game, now and forever. We have added banner & interstitial ads to earn some cents. Please understand this. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any feedback or meet any problem when playing game, please let us know by contact via email.
Enjoy Chef Cake - Cookie Crush and make your new Chef Story.
Have a sweet summer.