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Sushi GO

Sushi GO

by BiBi Smartgame


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Sushi GO
Sushi GO
Sushi GO
Sushi GO
Sushi GO
Sushi GO

Sushi GO is an amazing and challenging match-3 puzzle game like a fruity, candy or cookie puzzle game. It's an addictive game for everyone and all ages.

Gameplay is absolutely simple to suit everyone's taste. Just swap and match 3 or more same sushi pieces to eliminate them, try to make more combos. It's simple, but once you play, you will find it very challenge and save height score. Up level up challenge ! Spend your time to get the charm and explore each level of game.

Gameplay of Sushi GO
☆ You have to switch two elements next to each other in order to get 3 or more similar sushi pieces in a row.
☆ Smash sushi piece next to destroy locked, frozen ice or petrified puzzles.
☆ Smash all obstacles of puzzle having a neko appear. Move it to bottom to pass level.
☆ Breaking all obstacles as fast as possible to get the best score.

Features of Sushi GO
- Many amazing levels in different scenes including farm, forest, garden, iced river, sea and hanami.
- Multi cool magical effects (such Boom pop, Blast pop, Mega boom)
- Easy to play but a challenge to get best score.
- Match 4 same sushi pieces to get Blast pop item.
- Match 3 or more sushi pieces in both column and row to get Boom pop item.
- Match 5 sushi pieces to get a multicolour star with Mega boom.

- Boom pop: eliminate 9 sushi pieces around
- Blast pop: eliminate all sushi pieces in one same line
- Mega boom: link it to any sushi pieces to eliminate all sushi pieces same type on puzzle map, big jam mania
- Time pop: destroy it to increase time for you

Try to get full 3 sakuras in each level.

Thanks for playing and rating game have fun and relax with Sushi GO!

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