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Super Adventures (classic game)

Super Adventures (classic game)

by Michael Wall


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Super Adventures (classic game)
Super Adventures (classic game)
Super Adventures (classic game)
Super Adventures (classic game)

In the dark night, suddenly came "ah ... help", the original princess was caught by the big Boss of the jungle. The kingdom organized some heroes ready to rescue the princess, in the rescue on the way will encounter a lot of difficulties, you control the hero must be careful to avoid the enemy and escape the danger, you can also collect the bullet to shoot the enemy to kill them. In front of the road there are many surprises waiting for you, join the super adventure team in-depth jungle to experience the unknown world.
Running and jumping and shooting, experience super adventure and challenge secret level.

Each hero has to shoot and jump skills.
Some heroes have special skills.
one tag :Mary uncle- None special skill.
two tag :Princess - Press the jump button to slow down.
three tag :King - Change young to walk faster and jump farther.
four tag :Robot - Jump 2 times to jump higher.
five tag :Pinocchio - Run faster and be protected, and can damage the enemy .
six tag :BlueHulk - Change strong to walk faster and jump farther,strong status have protect skill.

How to play:
1. Control keys control all actions of the jungle boy (run, jump and shoot ...).
2. Collection of gold to buy the necessary things, access to all kinds of props.
3. Complete the task as quickly as possible.