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Knot Ninja

Knot Ninja

by kakarikisoftware


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Knot Ninja
Knot Ninja
Knot Ninja
Knot Ninja
Knot Ninja
Knot Ninja

The Knot Ninja app is ideal for leaders who need to teach children a variety of knots. It builds up from the basic foundations through to advanced, composite knots.

We suggest you award colored knot woggles as children achieve each level to keep them motivated.

Knot Ninja includes animated tying guidance with step-by-step instructions and notes on how a wide range of knots should be used.

As each knot is practiced and mastered, tests can be taken to earn belts or achievements including fishing, climbing and boating.

You can add multiple users and record their progress individually as they earn their ‘belts’.

Works offline so you can use it in the wild.

No ads, in app purchasing or permissions required so it is safe for children.

Runs on Android devices and Chromebooks. Coming soon to iOS.