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Jewels Deluxe 2018

Jewels Deluxe 2018

by Top7Apps


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Jewels Deluxe 2018
Jewels Deluxe 2018
Jewels Deluxe 2018
Jewels Deluxe 2018
Jewels Deluxe 2018
Jewels Deluxe 2018

Jewels Deluxe 2018 is special classic puzzle match3 game now launch on Google Play.
Do you remember our last Jewels games: Jewel Deluxe 2017? This is our new version about gems.It plays just like Jewel Deluxe 2018, but has a big update you will find in the game. It is also designed with stunning graphics effects and challenging level, with two modes Arcade and Classic .Try to get highest score at each level to digging to mania treasure.

It will provide you a very funny and challenging time.
- How to play: 
☆ Match3 or more identical jewel in a row to remove cells
☆ Match the gems until the board transparency, the jewel star will appear.
☆ Make the star down to last line to pass the level.

- Game features:
★★★ Arcade Mode ★★★: More than 300+ challenging levels and many pretty worlds in the game.
☆ Match 3 to clear the cells
☆ Match 4 can win the jewel bomb and 1 lighting.
☆ Match 5 can win color-changing jewel and 2 lightings.
☆ Specials Items
☆ The bomb can eliminate the jewels around.
☆ The energy can eliminate to any other colored.
☆ The timing can extend the playing time. 

★★★ Classic mode ★★★
◆ 8 different diamond style and many special items (lightning blaze, blast bomb, colorful star, combo time...)
◆ Stunning graphics and effects , trap and boost items

Let's play Jewels Deluxe 2018 to relax and subjugate your Everest.
Thanks for playing Jewels Deluxe 2018 and interested your time!