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by wikly


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Wikly is a beautiful and efficient task planner and scheduler to boost your productivity.

Designed for all of us who struggle to keep up with the increasing pace of our daily lives and who desperately need an aid to help us get our daily and weekly schedules in order.
Because a successful and peaceful life depends on our ability to manage our time effectively.

We focused on making a simple, beautiful and easy to use application, while at the same time providing all the new technologies and the best tools you can find in an iOS App.
It was our goal to create a seamless user experience utilizing a clean, efficient interface. Thus, you can organize and manage your weekly schedule to the fullest extent.

Plan, schedule and organize your daily and weekly routine in one easy to use app. Worry less, achieve more!
Wikly is extremely easy and effective:

  • Create your team by adding the people you wish to manage their schedule.
  • Create and assign tasks in just a few seconds.
  • View, schedule and complete your team's daily tasks one at a time.
  • Add reminders to get notified before a task starts or ends.
  • Add widgets on your home screen. They are really beautiful.
  • Get through your weekly schedule with efficiency: Worry less, achieve more!

Scenario 1: You are a parent. Every day, your children have numerous tasks to complete, including going to school, doing homework, playing sports, doing household chores, and running errands.
Wikly allows you to keep track of your children's daily and weekly activities easily. It helps you worry less about what you need to do as a parent and stay on top of everything.

Scenario 2: You are a teacher or a coach: You have a large class, and it is getting increasingly difficult for you to keep up with everyone's work, assignments, and tasks.
Wikly will help you manage the workload and get through it more efficiently and effectively.

Wikly is a daily and weekly planner for you, your family, your students, or even your colleagues.
It stands out among all other time management apps because it focuses on your daily and weekly routines, helping you and your team manage your time with efficiency and stay on top of your schedule every day and week.