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Subtraction with Ibbleobble

Subtraction with Ibbleobble

by KidDotCo


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Subtraction with Ibbleobble
Subtraction with Ibbleobble
Subtraction with Ibbleobble
Subtraction with Ibbleobble
Subtraction with Ibbleobble

Subtraction with Ibbleobble is a fun educational game for kids which will help children learn how to subtract. Using math drills this app will help children practice math, develop their mental arithmetic, gain a feel for numbers and the relationships between them. 

Subtraction with Ibbleobble is carefully designed for children aged 4+ and can be particularly rewarding for those aged between 6-8 who need to brush up on their arithmetic skills for school.

We understand that everyone’s different, so our educational math games allow young learners to progress at their own pace, or take a challenge against the clock! We use a familiar multiple choice method designed with little hands in mind. We’ve also made this app available on all your devices with one single purchase. This way children can play and learn on the go with their iPhone, iPod or iPad whilst also on the big screen of the Apple TV! 

We all know that mental math can be challenging for kids but we at ibbleobble aim to show that math is fun too and doesn’t need to feel like school homework! 

• Subtraction worksheets
• Simple gameplay 
• Multiple choice
• Repetition to aid learning
• 7 levels
• Optional timer
• Fantastic sounds and voice-over
• Colourful characters
• Vibrant graphics
• No in-app purchases
• No third-party advertising
• 100% ALWAYS ad-free
• Includes Fin animated iMessage stickers
• Universal purchase (Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV)