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Share Apps without Bluetooth

Share Apps without Bluetooth

by App4Share


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Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth
Share Apps without Bluetooth

Share apps without Bluetooth, Share apps without WiFi, Share apps without nearby

App4share is a new app for sharing apps list with friends and public by phone number.

Without Bluetooth you can share apps.

Without WiFi you can share apps.

Without nearby share you can share apps.

There are many apps in the Android Market which makes it really hard to tell which ones you want and which ones you don't. One of the best ways to find new mobile apps is from your family, friends and colleagues—those who have similar tastes in games and productivity. And it goes both ways, which means you need to share your favorite picks with those around you. But what's the easiest way to do that?

App4share is best choice for this, no need for Bluetooth, WiFi or nearby share. As it automatically sharing apps

Share apps with others is now available using app4share app.

You should sign up, select your favorite apps to share with friends and select your favorite apps/games to share with public, Share apps without Bluetooth, as soon as your friends/followers sign up on App4share app, they will get your selected apps list and links url, and they are able to download these apps/games in seconds on Google Play, plus they will get real time notifications when you installed or share new apps/games.


As user for App4share App, you will class your apps/games into three categories: public, private and special list.

1- Public apps/games list: 

These will be shared automatically with your friends which have your mobile phone number.

2- Private apps/games list: 

These will be hidden from your contacts/friends, any a new app or game you installed it on your phone after using app4share, it will be hidden app and not shared including non premium users, you can change the setting any time for this.

3- Special apps/games list: 

These will be shared with your special friends which you will select from your contacts list.


App4share app screens are: 

1- Home: list of your friends which used App4share.

2- Contacts: Your phonebook contact list, you can mark some as special, so he will see your special organized app list.

3- Notifications: Here you will get notifications when some of your contacts installed App4share as new user, and also you will get push notifications when some of your app4share friends installed a new app/game.

4- Profile: Here you find all of your apps/games, and you can set the app as public, private or special list.


It is Apps sharing and games sharing, Share apps without WiFi, no need for Bluetooth, wifi network, Nearby Share, QR code to get the downloaded app or game on your friend's phone devices, so please share App4share sharer/sender/productivity app with your family, friends, team, student or group to get their app list and get updated about the best/trend app/game in the market.


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