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Puzzle for Kids (500+)

Puzzle for Kids (500+)

by Little GeeGee Interactive


Our Rating

Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)
Puzzle for Kids (500+)

With over 500+ puzzles combinations entirely free your kids will have fun while developing their coordination and reasoning ability. We do recommend this game for kids above 2 years old. There's no need to buy for extra content.

It's easy to learn and play with. With a child-friendly interface and interactive menus your children can play it without any kind of problem. But also we recommend for parents to help younger kids during their first gameplay through.

Those are the features that will you find:

• More than 500, that's right, 500 puzzle combinations.
• 8 game modes!
• Infinite mode which will let your kids play their favorite mode for the time they want.
• Completely interactive. Cool artwork and sounds to cheer kids up!
• Tablet compatibility.
• The game is completely free! There is no need to purchase for extra content.
• Unique game experience.
• Works in offline mode.
• Free updates!

Our games have been tested by several kids and believe me, they loved it! :)
If you have any suggestion about how we can improve the game, please contact us through e-mail: [email protected]

After downloading and testing our games we ask you to kindly leave your honest review at the store. That way you will be helping with the development of Little GeeGee Interactive. And with that we can bring even more fun to your children!

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