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Pug Pop Bubble Shooter

Pug Pop Bubble Shooter

by DayMoon


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Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter
Pug Pop Bubble Shooter

Shoot bubbles nonstop with a pug

Pug Pop Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game similar to Puzzle Bobble where you shoot bubbles against the other bubbles floating around in each level. The idea is to clear every board and move on to the next challenge with lots of points in your score bar. 

The curious thing about Pug Pop Bubble Shooter lies in the fact that the bubbles are shot by a cute pug. The controls present no difficulty at all: you simply have to tap the screen at just the right moment. And don't forget to rescue the various pug puppies that are scattered among the bubbles!

To preview the kind of bubble you're going to shoot just take a look at the bottom. There you'll see the color of the bubble you're about to shoot upward once you press and release. Plus you'll see the number of projectiles left before you use up all your ammunition in each level. 

With Pug Pop Bubble Shooter you can have fun popping bubbles with these cute pups. Just show off your aim and stick together bubbles of the same color so you can walk away with all the rewards and not leave any bubbles on the board.

'Pug Pop Bubble Shooter' is to the classic and most addictive bubble pop game for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels, where you have to rescue dogs that are trapped in colored bubbles by popping them.

The game-play is the same as that of the classic 'Bubble' game. Aim and shoot balls; managing to get three or more of the same color makes them all disappear. Touching the canon allows you to exchange the ball from this turn for the one from the next.

As you complete the levels and rescue more dogs, you will collect Bubble that you can use to special powers and bonuses, by complete level before playing and then play them in the next round. 

'Pug Pop Bubble Shooter' has different level avoiding monotony and adding diversity.

Retro game, Get ready, take aim and shoot the balls!!

Try the Puzzle Game Mode and Discover the Ultimate Bubble Popping Fun! Play the Classic Game Bubble Shooter - So Simple, So Fun.

Download NOW the Best Pug Pop Bubble Shooter and Start Cracking Bubbles!

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