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Panda Pilot Flying

Panda Pilot Flying

by topgamecity


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Panda Pilot Flying
panda driver pilot panda driver is a small to very addictive arcade game.panda flying Your driver is intoxicated , you must help to land safely. Various different obstacles come like balloons , ravens, etc. Avoid these obstacles. Control is very simple , when you tap the screen , the plane moves up and when you release your finger , the plane moves down. Fly and avoid collision with balloons. panda plane flying with ballons baboon red Tap on screen to fly up. panda pilot powerups The game is adapted for screen resolution of all devices. Really clear graphics. for this game pandy pilot panda baboon The Game is to rescue the plane from the drunken pilot Leaderboard Enabled Challenge and break your friends score * How To Play -------------------------------------------------------- Tap on screen to fly up and avoid collision with balloons. Enjoy!