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Neon Flash Light

Neon Flash Light

by PurePush (pvt.) Ltd


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Neon Flash Light
Neon Flash Light
Neon Flash Light

Neon Camera Flash Light Application for your Smart Phone's, Android or Tablet's. Incredibly simple and yet very useful and free of cost. Now u can Light up Your Dark Area, Dark Room, Dark Street with your Neon Flash Light. → This application is only for those devices which have Camera Flash and also you would see your Mobile battery remaining time. Instruction & Feature: Camera Lamp Light - Uses your phone's camera Light to emit bright light. Note that some devices don't have a camera torch light. In this case the LED Flash Light option will be disabled. ★ Camera screen torch brightest. ★ LED flash Light ★ Mobile Battery time ★ Emergency use ★ use it in dark (room, washroom, house, street), when there is no light ★ find your lost keys in dark ★ very useful application ★ very small size App Feel free to send us your comments. Your feedback is important to us.