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Mumble Bee

Mumble Bee

by Jimmy Praet


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Mumble Bee
Mumble Bee
Mumble Bee
It's not what you READ, it's what you HEAR! Every Mumble Bee puzzle consists of a series of words which, when you read them out loud, sound similar to the solution. Example: PUZZLE: Chore Stubble You Push SOLUTION: George W. Bush * play Mumble Bee alone or as a party game with friends and family * puzzle hints: category, language and word boundaries will point you in the right direction * quizmaster modus with two android devices (local network via bluetooth or WiFi-direct) * 100 free puzzles for each supported language (English, French and Dutch) * extra puzzle packs can be purchased through the Puzzle Manager * you can create your own puzzles with the built-in Puzzle Editor This word game app is based on the board games Mad Gab and Babble On.