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Mixies: 2048

Mixies: 2048

by Smotch Games


Our Rating

Mixies: 2048
Mixies: 2048
Mixies: 2048
Mixies: 2048
Mixies: 2048

With gorgeous looking gameplay, lovely sounds and music, a beautiful interface including day/night themes,
Mixies: 2048 is one of the best looking puzzle games you will find in the Google Play Store.

You can unlock cute little friends called Mixies by completing achievements, and visit them afterwards in their natural habitat, the Mixie Garden.

Can you collect them all before your friends do?!


- No banner ads!
- Gorgeous looking gameplay
- Beautiful interface, including day/night themes
- Unlockable achievements (Mixie Garden)
- 4x4 and 5x5 Grids
- Keeps track of your gameplay stats
- Share your high scores and Mixie Garden with your friends
- Save and resume your game later
- Carefully crafted sound and music for best playing experience

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We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible 2048 gaming experience!