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MGKidsSpy: hidden object games

MGKidsSpy: hidden object games

by Martin Grey LLC


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MGKidsSpy: hidden object games
MGKidsSpy: hidden object games
MGKidsSpy: hidden object games
MGKidsSpy: hidden object games

MGKidsSpy is the ultimate way for the youngest players to spend time usefully! Kids games training focus and logic are the most popular among toddlers. Puzzle games help children explore the surrounding world. A smart kid is parents’ greatest joy.

How to play?

MGKidsSpy is a digital adaptation of the popular hidden object game “I spy”. One of the players (the spy) chooses an object in the room, announces, “I spy with my little eye…” and describes this object, naming its color, shape, the first letter etc. The other players attempt to guess this object.

In MGKidsSpy, the kid will see from 30 to 40 pictures on the playing board – funny animals, cartoon characters, familiar objects. The left corner shows a shadow of the hidden object that the kid needs to match with the picture.

This game develops thinking, as well as fine motor skills! To unlock the next level, the player needs to find all hidden objects.

Games form a significant part of a kid’s life. Through play, children learn such important notions as shape, color, time etc. Educational apps for kids make parents’ life easier by making their children’s development entertaining.

Game features:

  • Ten excellently elaborate game levels Matching games for boys and girls have never been this entertaining.
  • Weekly updates! We regularly add new categories so that your kid never gets bored with search games. The hidden pictures game will display a message when new collections are there.
  • Suitable for preparation for school. Find objects games free that develop thinking and logic will assist the child in the exciting and important process of preparing for school. Jigsaw puzzles for kids and other logic games are a good way to learn to solve problems and find answers to questions –exactly what first-graders need so much.
  • Background music. Search and find games for toddlers to cheerful melodies from favorite cartoon movies will bring double joy.
  • No ads. Kids learning games should not be interrupted with ads that distract the kid’s attention. It is important for us that the time spent in the game is spent usefully.
  • Parental control. Setting up a password in I Spy games for kids free will prevent your child from buying paid add-ons without your consent.
  • We have designed the game interface to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Your kid should be fascinated with the game rather than struggling through game controls.
  • High-quality pictures. For hidden object games free, they are an absolute must. Let your child enjoy amazing graphics.

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✉️ We will continuously develop and further elaborate our app to contribute to your kid’s brain and thinking skills development. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section to help us provide you with even better free learning games for kids.