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Memes drinking game

Memes drinking game

by Sons Of Chemistry


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Memes drinking game
Memes Drinking Game, as its name suggests, is a game whose sole purpose is to drink with friends in an original and fun way. A variety of rules, actions, and crazy challenges certainly will ensure a good time with the people around you. Over 130 different cards dealt in four types of activities: Action: (30 cards) the player who draws it must read aloud and perform the action that is required Mandatory: (43 cards) The player who draws it must read aloud and all players must perform the action asked. Instant: (30 cards) Cards that are saved to be used at any point in the game. Status: (30 cards) These cards modify the behavior of the players during the game. Eg: "The player must speak English or Scottish accent" Perform the challenges or you should drink as penalty!