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Matrix The Game

Matrix The Game

by Silas G√ľnther


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Matrix The Game
Matrix The Game
Matrix The Game
Matrix The Game
Matrix The Game
Matrix The Game

What is matrix? A matrix is a set of numbers in the horizontal and vertical lines. In this game you have to remove all the numbers in the matrix.

Many students know this game from school or university on a college block. Now you can play it everywhere on your smartphone

How to play:
you can delete two numbers if they have the same value or when they combined to ten. Only rule: they must be next to each other.
If you can't delete any numbers, the matrix will getting longer!
For more informations, read the instructions (ingame).

This game is for people who likes sudoku or other puzzle games.

When the normal game starts to get boring, you can create your own custom map. You can even share the map with other people!

If you have feedback, just write a comment.

Have fun playing ;)