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MarbleS – Our Solar System

MarbleS – Our Solar System



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MarbleS – Our Solar System
MarbleS – Our Solar System
MarbleS – Our Solar System
MarbleS – Our Solar System
MarbleS – Our Solar System

***  Minimum Requirements : iPad2  ***
MarbleS - Our Solar System is an interactive BookApp designed for you to learn about planets in our Solar System.

You can zoom in and out and navigate around a simulated solar system that accurately reproduces the actual circulations of the system. In addition, you can directly fly to a planet by simply touching it and view pages that contain ample descriptions of the planet. High-quality multimedia materials provided by cosmic voyagers of NASA and the ESO will surely make you amazed by the marvellous beauty of the Solar System.

You do not have to browse a complicated table of contents. A intuitive structure will let you access your desired contents straightforwardly, making a new model for educational BookApp. Ample visual effects and simulation elements will help the readers better understand complicated aspects through interactive experiences that are powered by the latest technologies. This will provide you a new point of view to materials for smart learning.

MarbleS - Our Solar System lets you learn interactively about planets in our Solar System.

* Want to know about planets? Take a close look at planets with MarbleS and get interesting information of them.

* Where is Mars right now on the sky? Watch the planetary positions today on an interactive interface and see planets’ dynamic movement.

* What special features do the planets have? Just tap on a planet and let you know about its characteristics with vivid pictures and charts.

* Do you know how far and big planets are? Get an intuitive grasp of the sizes of the plantes and see the distances between planets compared to the distance between Earth and the Sun.

* What if you were on the other planets’ surface? Shoot a ball and feel the change of gravity.

* What is going on in outer space and planets? See high-quality pictures taken by space probes such as Voyagers, Cassini-Huygens, Galileo and so on.

Check out more exciting features in MarbleS - Our Solar System.

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** Minimum Requirements : iPad2