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Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.

Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.

by Kekotukos


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Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.
Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.
Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.
Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.
Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Ed.

Learn languages alongside Keko while having fun! Improve your vocabulary playing Kekotukos: Surprise Easter Edition!

• Over 50 essential words, both easy and useful!
• Ideal for improving your child’s reading and speaking skills, in both English and Spanish.
• Perfect for children between ages 3 and 7.

Try a new way to learn languages while having fun for FREE! Play safe and improve your vocabulary, always having the best time!

These Easter Eggs jump like crazy!  Can you spot the painted ones from the rest? A free game, perfect for this time of year! Get all the stickers from Easter for your album, and learn new words.

Each sticker belongs to a different word and displays a picture, the way it’s written, and the correct pronunciation both in English and Spanish.

FULL VERSION: "Kekotukos: Surprise"
With Kekotukos: Surprise, you’ll improve your English and Spanish vocabulary. If you enjoyed Easter Edition, check out the other themes, Farm, Party, and Love, featured in the full version of the game.

Coming soon, and completely free of charge, we’ll update new content and languages, such as Summer, School, Halloween and Christmas.

• Appropriate content and free updates. New themes coming soon: Summer, School, Halloween and Christmas.
• Games designed to entertain children.
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• No third party ads.

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