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Jump Jelly

Jump Jelly

by Hardik Nadiyapara


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Jump Jelly
Jump Jelly
Jump Jelly
Jump Jelly
Jump Jelly
Jump Jelly

Jump jelly is platformer physics game.!

Can you score high enough?

Jump jelly is an epic adventure full of challenging and funny physics body game.

Unique and bold graphics of jump jelly will keep your eyes entertained and the simple but engaging game-play will keep your mind occupied. Laugh, cringe, jump out of your seat.

Super cute jelly needs you to servive in jellyland and keep your score increasing.Be aware from poles and enjoy real physics jelly movement. This game is for you if you have nothing to do or you just want to pass the time! Be sure, this game will entice you long and deliciously replayable.

Jump jelly is one the cool and funny mobile games of all time and now FREE to download and finally properly optimized for Android! So Download Jump jelly now and lose yourself in a unique and beautiful world.

A magic, addicting, and surreal adventure awaits you. Jump in and become the ultimate Jelly legend!
Help jelly to bouncing and Rule The World,it’s up to your hands and brain that how can you help him to servive.
★ ★ Feature ★ ★
- Free to play!
- Hold to jump Higher
- Crazy Obstacles and tracks
- Real physics jelly simulation
- Share score on whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter and other social media
- Full HD graphics
- High Qualtiy sounds
- Full jelly enviroment
- Easy Touch interface
- Easy to play
- Optimized for android tablet and phone

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ENJOY beautiful minimalistic art design and original music design.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ CHALLENGE your friends and the world on global leaderboards

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Happy Easter 2016

Thanks for playing!