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How to Draw Little Pony

How to Draw Little Pony

by Pepeka Lab


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How to Draw Little Pony
How to Draw Little Pony
How to Draw Little Pony
How to Draw Little Pony

The popular cartoon "My Little Pony" did not leave you indifferent?
Meet a new drawing application that will teach you how to draw ponies and unicorn pony!

Do you want to learn how to draw your favorite characters? Our application can help you with this. Drawing lessons in stages - this is a class that will help you master the technique of drawing, regardless of your abilities or age. In our application, we have collected step-by-step drawing lessons that will help you easily and easily draw small ponies! Step-by-step drawings will help you develop the existing drawing skills, train your hand and the eye!

The application works like this: after installation, you get access to the catalog of lessons. Choose the character that you want to draw and get a step-by-step drawing lesson, which contains about 15-20 steps, repeating which, you get the picture you painted.

Drawing in stages is not only interesting, but also very useful. This develops the fine motor skills of the hands, which affects the mental faculties and the psycho-emotional sphere. When we draw, our nervous system rests, so this is a good cure for stress. Drawing produces good taste, develops a sense of harmony, makes us more calm and harmonious.
Remember, even if you do not succeed in redrawing the selected picture from the first time, over time the result will get better and better! Draw with pleasure!

The advantages of our application are obvious:
- User-friendly interface, draw fun and easy
- The application is available for use OFFLINE
- All your favorite heroes are collected in one application