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Hammer Ball Hero.io

Hammer Ball Hero.io

by Flipray


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Hammer Ball Hero.io
Hammer Ball Hero.io
Hammer Ball Hero.io
Hammer Ball Hero.io
Hammer Ball Hero.io
Hammer Ball Hero.io

The most addictive game with the simplest control ever!

Are you ready to play City Destruction game? Then Hammer Ball Hero.io game is best simulator where you play as hammer ball hero and destroy everything which comes in your way during city wandering. Increase your ball size and smash the object in imaginary world. 

Hammer Ball Hero.io is specially designed for all smashing games lovers and beautiful fantasy world game fans. Control your hammer ball and increase your ball size with the help of smashing different objects like trees, houses & many more. Choose your favorite hammer ball and enjoy their spectacular attack like fire, thunder respectively. 

Start your game to destroy small object like cones & fence in the city. Slowly you can increase your level and destroy bigger objects like building, houses of the city. Hammer Ball Hero.io is addictive game with interesting game where you hit the objects like buildings, houses, factories and many more thing to increase your experience. 

Challenging missions are ready to entertain the user and beat your rival enemies. Beat your rival time and increase your ball level to destroy city object. Dodge the shooting machine which are ready to attack with fidget spinner and decrease your health with the help of these gadgets. Avoid the evil enemies who are trying to throw the ball and increase your difficulties while playing Hammer ball city smashing simulator. 

Key Features:

• Select your favorite hammer ball to smash the object
• Complete missions to earn rewards
• Destroy buildings to gain an advantage
• Customize your hammer balls
• Smash & Explore IO Game