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GuessUp - Party Charades

GuessUp - Party Charades

by Cosmicode


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GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades
GuessUp - Party Charades

GuessUp - Party Charades is the ultimate heads up and trivia game that’s guaranteed to sponsor the best evenings with your friends and family. Guess what am I! All you have to do is try to guess the word on the card that’s on your forehead by listening and watching your friends delivering the performances of their lives.

• Choose a deck and start playing heads up with your friends and family.
• Decks with hundreds of words that range from the animal kingdom to music, geography and Star Wars or Harry Potter.
• Challenge your friends! Our team mode will entertain you and your friends for hours.
• Record and save videos of hilarious game play forever or even share them directly on Facebook, Instagram and much more.
• Create your own decks and live a personalised experience with your family.
• Different charades activities like acting, describing, singing and impersonating your favourite characters! 
• Guess all the words you can from your friends clues before the timer runs out!
• Earn free coins by playing our free decks and unlock our amazing premium decks!

GuessUp - Party Charades is available in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Portuguese EU, Portuguese BR and Spanish.

We have a lot of free charades decks to choose from, and you can expect much more fun in a near future.

Here are some of our funniest heads up charades decks:
• Accents & Impressions
• Act it Out
• Animals
• Animation Series
• Bands & Artists
• Celebrities
• Disney
• Famous People
• Food
• Game of Thrones
• Games
• Geography
• Harry Potter
• Movies
• Music
• Sports
• Star Wars
• TV Shows
And much more!

Guess what am I! Have fun with GuessUp - Party Charades in your next party.


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