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Guess That Car

Guess That Car

by DLGames


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Guess That Car
Guess That Car
Guess That Car
+++40 NEW CARS+++ Welcome to Guess That Car! In this game you will be able to discover the amazing world of cars where you can name the cars that are displayed on the screen. You will be able to reveal all kinds of cars that you did not even knew existed. From old cars like Bentley S1 to the nextGen cars like Lamborghini Veneno. In order to uncover all the hidden cars you need to remove the stickers and then guess the correct car from a set of 4 possible answers. Also if you have a hard time guessing the correct car you can activate a hint that can guide you to the correct answer. This game is for both boys and girls. It's an excellent game to play in order to expand your knowledge about all kind of amazing cars. This app in a few words: excellent, free, cars, guess, name, expand, knowledge, vehicles, information, fun. Be the first to know when the next app is lunched by accesing our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuessThat Disclaimer: All Images are properties of their respective owners. Any content will be removed if asked by legal owners.