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Football Scratch Quiz

Football Scratch Quiz

by ZGDevelopment


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Football Scratch Quiz
Football Scratch Quiz
Football Scratch Quiz
The idea of this application is to determine how fast you may identify Soccer stars Soccer fans are the target group regardless of their age! The App contains four difficulty levels. Each level displays successively 10 hidden random pictures of International Soccer players. You will have to rub until you recognize the player. Enter his name to get to the next picture. You will start with Level 1 and must terminate correctly this level to access to the next one. Each new picture starts with 1000 points that are getting reduced corresponding to the amount of scratching. There is a time limitation of 30 seconds decreasing accordingly to a blue bar on the right side of the picture and if you type a wrong letter, the remaining time will be reduced by 4 seconds. The total score achieved can be recorded.