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Flash Multiplication

Flash Multiplication

by ObsidianSoft


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Flash Multiplication
Flash Multiplication
Flash Multiplication
Flash Multiplication

Multiplication tables flash cards: you can easily answer by speaking (Grades 1-4)

Are you looking for comprehensive multiplication tables flash cards for your child in which all multiplication facts are asked with no repetition? Then, this colorful app is the perfect solution as it offers not only practice flash cards but also timed tests. Moreover, you can answer the flash cards by speaking. No more use of hands; just place your device on a table and answer the flash cards hands free.


If you ask your children to do a practice session or even a timed test for any table, this app will ensure that all questions are covered. Not a single question will be skipped and no question will be repeated to frustrate your children. The app will help the children in marking their weaknesses and in revising; they will continue to improve independent from you. Eventually, they will be answering their multiplication facts in seconds and acing their maths tests.


And why only children? Multiplication is one of the most important principles of Mathematics and knowing your tables is a must for not only school and college but also professional life. No matter your age, if you need to master your multiplication facts, Flash Multiplication is the way to go.