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Fairy Mix

Fairy Mix

by Nika Entertainment


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Fairy Mix
Fairy Mix
Fairy Mix
Fairy Mix
Fairy Mix

Welcome to "Miracle Mix" - a bright and unique world of magic full of adventure and puzzles 3 in a row, from the company "Nika Entertainment - candy puzzle adventure", creator of the game "Fairy Mix"! 

Together with the little sorceress Ginny, fight Vivien de Legrand - the evil witch who destroyed the fairy house of the parents of the little sorceress. 
★ Prepare thousands of sparkling bottles and flasks, making them three in a row! 
★ Mix the most powerful potions in a miracle combination, using up to 5 elements in a row! 
★ Solve puzzles on more than a thousand levels! 
★ Enjoy explosive effects and admire the bright flashes of magical combinations! 

And to help Ginny win 
★ Released farms and sawmills, mines and mines, mills and bakeries
★ Accumulate resources and restore the estate 
★ Improve buildings that will help to mix three potions in a row and add extra moves. 

In "Miracle Miks" you can visit dozens of locations - from lovely meadows in pastel colors to incredibly colorful thickets! Yes, yes, there even are lands where sweets grow on trees, and in the river instead of water - jam! Perhaps, there you will meet a real panda, crunchy cookies. 

And do not forget about your comrades! 
★ Help your friends win by sending extra lives 
★ Give gifts that will help them pass a new match 3 levels 

Love the game King or SGN? Then you will definitely like "Miracle Miks"!

Visit the developer's site "Nika Entertainment - candy puzzle adventure" to learn about other colorful games 3 in a row: 

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"Miracle Miks" is a free three-in-a-row app. But you can always purchase additional lives and moves.