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Docx Reader

Docx Reader

by Gapp Studios


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Docx Reader
Docx Reader
A small size app is ready for you to read any docx file on the go. Its clever HD quality microsoft word reader which can easily view all images, tables, different font styles, bullets and more for any docx files in a responsive display for mobiles as well as tablets. You can read docx files from internal storage, emails, dropbox, web and external storage very easily. Use it as your default docx reader and directly open docx file from file manager, email, dropbox or web in reader without having to open the app. **This app does not require internet connection and can be used offline for ms word documents.** **Compatible with all Android OS versions** ** Convert Docx to PDF or Docx to HTML with just one click.** Please note that for the first read there will be an initial setup and will take about 20 seconds. Thereafter all docx file will open instantly. Next version you would find more options like converter, editing options and more for free. Stay tuned and leave us with a review or suggestion.