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Baobub - Audio Games for Kids

Baobub - Audio Games for Kids

by Alforithmic


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Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids
Baobub - Audio Games for Kids

Baobub app is a collection of 10 personalized audio games inspired by the real world. Games are suited for children from as young as 10 months, to almost pre-schoolers, and they are created following expert recommendations and international guidelines.

Modern parents are struggling to find time to solely engage with their children, and uninterrupted one-to-one time becomes a luxury. Sadly, this is what growing children need the most: games that are appropriate for their developmental stage, delivered by their parents, ideally.

First-time parents also find it very hard to know which skills they should help their baby develop, as well as how and when to do it. We aim to take the worry out of it by offering an app that is tailored to the unique path of each child, creating a truly personalized early education curriculum.

The interactive audio games will be combined with tips on what parents can look for and how they can best encourage social, cognitive, physical, and language development in their children in a caring and playful way.

We aim to deliver a fun, educational, interactive audio playtime that will strengthen the parent/child bond through quality time together and offer fulfillment and accomplishment by learning essential life skills through play. Our team will help you make each day more fun, by delivering quick games that you can play at home or outside, with materials and resources you already have.

BaoBub is screen-free and uses clear, yet playful verbal instructions to guide you through fun and stimulating activities that will reward you and your child and set them up for long-term success.

Every game helps you and your child reach important developmental milestones and learn valuable life skills, all of them through play. By dedicating some one to one time with your bub each day, you build a stronger and healthier family bond and you create beautiful moments and memories with your child.

In the app, you'll find:

  • A new interactive audio game to play with your child each day
  • An array of different real-world sounds and audio experiences to accompany each game
  • Personalisation layers that create a truly unique experience
  • Developmental information and suitability, tailored to your child’s path
  • Useful reminders to nudge you to play with your little one, specifically designed to work around your busy schedule
  • Structured play session, with memorable cues, introduction and goodbye rituals