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Andro Checkers

Andro Checkers

by BlackSoft


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Andro Checkers
Andro Checkers
Andro Checkers
Andro Checkers
Andro Checkers

Andro Checkers Online Chineese Checkers : 

- Chineese Checkers,You start on your own corner wth 9 checkers and try to reach other corner first.

- Checkers can move vertical and horizontal only to forward way. No back moves. 

- You can move to empty places or jump on other checkers. 

- Main strategy is to create stairs and move the farest place at once.

- Do not forget that your opponent can use that same stairs ;)

- You can invite your friends to play online, accept invitations and have fun. 

- Also game let you match with random players, who wants to play at that time. This match will be private, you can not see the personal information of your opponent. your opponent can not see yours as well. 

- You can play offline single player with automated player without connect anyone.

- Your earned scores will be on our "Leader Board" and you can have the proud of Leadership :)

Note: Online process made with Google structure, Your personal information ( Even your name ), not be sentw, received, stored in any device. Your internet connection will not be busy with game. Game sends and recieves very small size data. 

Have Fun!