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Subtraction with Ibbleobble

Subtraction with Ibbleobble

by KidDotCo


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  • Subtraction with Ibbleobble
  • Subtraction with Ibbleobble
  • Subtraction with Ibbleobble
  • Subtraction with Ibbleobble
  • Subtraction with Ibbleobble

‘Subtraction with Ibbleobble’ is a super educational game that helps teach kids subtraction sums. This math drills for kids app will help each child practice math, develop their mental arithmetic, help them to gain a feel for numbers and the relationships between them. By joining their new friends in Ibbleobble – each child can choose a cute character companion who will guide them along their journey of learning. Each character represents a different level of difficulty: Mr. Mousey shows beginners the way, whilst Florence the Fox is there to guide more advanced learners. At Ibbleobble, we understand that everyone’s different, so our app allows young learners to progress at their own pace, or take a challenge against the clock! The friendly, easy-to-use interface presents basic subtraction sums on-screen, allowing children to choose answers from a multiple-choice list. To recognise their hard work and achievement, children will collect their character’s favourite objects as a reward. Whether it’s daisies for Nancy the Sheep, or jelly beans for Tom the Frog, the more they achieve, the happier their companion will be! Features: • Simple to understand gameplay • 100s of different puzzles • Multiple choice answers – to teach through both process of elimination and knowledge • Repetition used to aid learning • 7 levels of difficulty – the higher the level, the more challenging the sum • Fantastic sounds and voice-over • Colourful, friendly characters • Outstanding, vibrant graphics • No third-party advertising • 100% ALWAYS ad-free

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