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Illusion WatchFace

Illusion WatchFace

by Zanyato Corporation


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  • Illusion WatchFace
  • Illusion WatchFace
  • Illusion WatchFace
  • Illusion WatchFace
Most watches are very similar to each other, and I mean not even form or shape. It so happened that after the first mankind experiments with solar, sand, water clock, we came to the hands and numerals. But sometimes so eager to show your uniqueness and originality. Especially for such creative people bring to your attention an unusual watch face. Have you ever met a hologram, which allows you to see the three-dimensional image in a mash of colors? Our dial is based on similar effect of optical illusion. After looking carefully to the colored strips, you can see the figures that show the current time. You can become the owner of a very strange and attractive at the same time watch. Make fun of your friends and acquaintances who are asking you to find out what time it is. So install this creative watch face, arm yourself with eagle eye and keep abreast of the time! TROUBLESHOOTING Wait 10 to 20 seconds after install in order to be able to select it. If it is still not available, "Resync apps" or uninstall and then re-install it again, and be sure to have enough free space. You can reach watch face options through "Android Wear" companion app.

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