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Fun Recycling

Fun Recycling

by maxacali


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Fun Recycling

For years, the art educator Rafael Sun ran its proposals for toys in various newspapers. Always focusing on reuse and sustainability, games and objects were created using household waste such as plastic bottles, paper cartons and other rubbish. This project came from a collection of toys, dolls, alternative musical instruments, models, aim games, board games, recreational objects and even accessories like bracelets and necklaces using newspaper. This work did not enter origami, but in the future we will make an application to this issue.

This app is a compilation of the Eco Toys. Collection of applications that bring També games retro style to make the funniest joke. In this volume only bring revenue teach how to invent fantastic things using reusable materials.

If you're a teacher, this is one of the best apps for you. Several tricks to make their less massante classes. Kids love to discover the world, and give meanings. With this app you can learn to make soundscapes with whistles, rattles and other toys that make sounds. If you like puppet shows, you learn to make several puppets using a wide range of materials. You will even learn how to make homes and buildings using milk cartons or juice.

If you are a parent, with this app your child will have dozens of devices to choose from, and you create together. From toys invented by the author, to antique toys, surveyed in the popular tradition. There DIY designed for older children, others designed for young children. Learn what is the rhythm of your child and get to work.

Inside the highlights of the collection have rockets, action figures, plus a host of percussion instruments that can be worked music to children. Even those who do not like to recycle, starts to come on this tour. All steps are illustrated by promoting easy reading of the steps to be created. This also makes it the most universal application. Covering the entire global community connected via smartphone.

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