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614 Rescue Boy From Damaged Bridge

614 Rescue Boy From Damaged Bridge

by Enagames


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  • 614 Rescue Boy From Damaged Bridge
  • 614 Rescue Boy From Damaged Bridge
614th Rescue boy from damaged bridge is an interesting point and click type new escape game developed by ENA games for free. Presume a situation that a small boy and his family living at one end of the bridge. The boy needs to goes to school by crossing the bridge. One night, the bridge was damaged due to heavy rain. The next day he has an important exam. As the bridge was damaged, he was not able to cross it. As a player it is your responsibility to help the boy to cross the damaged bridge. This could be achievable only if you have determination. As you are the person of good problem solving nature, surely you will find the necessary objects to solve the puzzles. Have greater Excitement and Fun by playing new escape games daily. Good Luck and Best Wishes from escape Games.

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