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  • LiveHappy form U.S.A.

    Android apps made to make your life easier

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  • Grand Games form Bulgaria

    We are IT company developing Unity Games.

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  • TTMM Sp. z o.o. form Poland

    TTMM company is a design studio specializing in designing smart interfaces and apps for smartwatches. It is currently focused on the Fitbit Versa platform, for which it has designed a collection over 60 clock faces and a range of practical apps. The studio was founded and is headed by Albert Salamon, an awarded designer, a former lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. TTMM headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland.

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  • Boomdash Digital Limited form United Kingdom

    Boomdash Digital is a new, upstart, Free to Play mobile indie publisher based in Manchester, UK. Working closely with teams, Boomdash simplify the business of Free to Play games helping developers to improve their gameplay, engagement, monetisation and user acquisition strategy. To date, Boomdash Digital has brought mobile puzzle game Bubble Raider and acclaimed endless runner Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare to iOS and Android.

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  • Luke Haas form United Kingdom

    Hi, I'm a frontend developer based in London. I make accessible, device-agnostic websites.

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