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Game Design

  • sparse kids form Germany

    We are sparse kids and create apps for powerful, conscious kids. We design fun and make educational applications that support - easy learning - fantasy - concentration - memory improvement - exploring new worlds

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  • Risto Prins form Finland

    I am a starting Indie Game Developer. Check out this short story on "How I got into Game Development" : https://medium.com/@ristoprins/how-i-became-a-game-developer-fcb5ad3c1954

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  • Gamex Studio form Mexico

    We are a indie game development company located in Mexico

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  • AI Product form U.S.A.

    Friendly, fall in LOVE,....

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  • Motore-Mentale form Italy

    Designer at Aem and Game Designer at Spaghetti-Interactive I enjoy developing mobile games. Gerald Story is my first independent game, made with passion for video games and my family's love. Some of my work: http://www.giochipiu.it http://www.spaghetti-interactive.it http://www.geraldthegame.com http://www.scopapiu.it http://www.briscolapiu.it http://www.tressettelapiu.it http://www.traversonepiu.it http://www.scacchipiu.it http://www.damapiu.it Soon: www.motorementale.com

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  • KaimanGames form South Korea

    KaimanGames is a start-up company to develop games for the IOS/Android/PC since 2014. Maid & Slime(casual), Jean’s Parfait(time management) ,Word Warrior(Puzzle) are have so much unique fun. We have made this version in 2016 ; Maid&Slime(Casual), jean's Parfait (Time management).Word Warrior(Puzzle)

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  • Mir Fasi Uddin form India

    I passionate game maker.

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  • Terry Miller Associates form Spain

    Terry Miller Associates are the multidisciplinary UK, USA design partnership now based near Norwich, UK. We do graphic design, Illustration, animation, copywriting, game invention, and character development. We have years of design experience, especially in the Toy industry. Most of our projects are from major companies, such as Hasbro, Winning Moves, MEG, PlayMonster, Outset Media. Please check out our extensive portfolio of game invention, game design, and app design.

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  • I WANT AN ELEPHANT form Germany

    I WANT AN ELPHANT is an independent development studio which focuses on mobile gaming, apps and omelets. We are based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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