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Yash Math Adventure

Yash Math Adventure

by Degenet


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Yash Math Adventure
Yash Math Adventure
Yash Math Adventure

*** Prevent the summer slide with this inspiring educational math game for kids ***

A very unique educational math game that encourages kids to practice and improve their arithmetic skills, while taking Yash into an adventure through an exciting jump and run platform game.

★ "Yash Math Adventure is the most fun math app that we've encountered so far"
- MommyMaestra.com


★ Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by skill level
★ Delightful jump and run adventure gameplay
★ Core mathematical concepts presented in an engaging and meaningful way
★ Complements mathematics curriculum for first grade, second grade and third grade
★ Excellent resource for parents and teachers in school
★ Challenging puzzles to solve as you journey through six stunning locations around the world
★ 36 levels of exciting 2D platform adventure
★ Non violent and nature friendly game
★ Play as a smart and adventurous kid
★ Great way to engage students and enhance their learning performance
★ Recommended for kids from ages 6 and up

An awesome game to keep kids playing and learning. It is the perfect way to prevent the math summer slide. Parents and educators love this idea!

The hero encounters arithmetic questions at key points to allow the player to advance and collect hidden tokens around 6 beautifully designed worlds with mazes and labyrinths. Kids simply run, jump, add, subtract, multiply and divide with hundreds of arithmetic equations. It's an excellent game for older kids to practice their timetables too!

Detailed information for parents and teachers about the Common Core Standards applied during the game: http://yashmathgame.com/about-the-game/

It’s a non-violent adventure math game inspired by the beautiful scenery of our planet. There are no enemies to fight, and there is no harm to animals or nature during the game.

A young boy named Yash was visiting a Museum to learn about the ancient math coins that were recently discovered in a remote island in the Pacific. Once he enters the exhibition room, he realizes that the coins had been stolen. The only thing left was a note challenging Yash to use his math skills to find these precious coins that are now hidden all around the world.

Parents and teachers can customize the gameplay to concentrate on specific arithmetic concepts by selecting problem types for each player and level.

As parents, we understand the importance of the privacy of your children. Degenet holds your privacy by not collecting personal information in this game. For more details on our Privacy Policy visit: http://yashmathgame.com/privacy-policy/

We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Yash Math Adventure game:

* does not collect or share your personal information with anyone.
* does not include ads or in-app purchases.
* does not include links to social network sites.