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Whispy -White noise sounds

Whispy -White noise sounds

by Whisper Arts


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Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds
Whispy -White noise sounds

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Baby sleep sounds White noise

About this app


The Whispy White Noise baby sleep sounds app will help you or your baby fall asleep quickly to soothing and relaxing sounds!

Sometimes the child is naughty and nothing can help the parents to calm him down and put him to sleep. It also happens that the baby wakes up every 15 minutes or does not want to sleep in the crib. Perhaps the baby is too tired, but cannot fall asleep on its own - this often happens in newborns!

In the practice of many parents, we have learned that monotonous sounds (the so-called "white noise"), for example, the clamor of a fan, vacuum cleaner, are more effective as a lullaby for a child's sleep than music or singing.

Also, the baby falls asleep better (as he calms down) to the sounds outside the window, the sound of the rain or the uproar of the street. The baby's sleep becomes deeper, its quality improves. When using whitenoise, the newborn does not wake up every 20 minutes, which also allows the mother to rest better.

What if there are no such sounds? Use a mobile gadget with many preset white noise options! Our application can make different tones that have a positive effect on the child's sleep:

- rain
- fan
- hairdryer
- air conditioning
- "mom sounds" - ch-ch-ch, motion sickness
- "in my mother's womb"
- wind
- sea, forest, and other sounds of nature
- pure white noise
- animal
- train, car, plane, subway

White noise helps the child to calm down, speeds up the time to fall asleep. In the studies conducted, most infants were able to fall asleep to white noise within five minutes, while without it, 25 percent of newborns fell asleep during the same time.
The app blocks outside noises that might wake your baby up. Sleep associations have been created that signal the baby to sleep and help him feel safe even in unfamiliar surroundings.

Application features:

- Over 80 ringtones
- Loop playback without stops
- Timer with smooth start and fade out
- Background playback - you can use other applications during playback. You can set a timer, switch to background mode, or turn off the screen. After the time expires, the sound will be smoothly turned off, the application will be closed.
- Work offline without the Internet
- Night mode
- Unlimited playtime helps baby sleep longer
- Your own records

The premium version of the app contains more useful features such as:

- extended library of tones
- unlimited offline time
- unlimited records
- no ads in the app

This Baby sleep sounds app is as easy to use as possible and includes ambient sounds to help you relax during the day and get a good night's sleep.
Ensure good sleep for your baby and the whole family!