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Triassic Era

Triassic Era

by Shivid


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Triassic Era
Triassic Era
Triassic Era
Triassic Era

Summary of Triassic Era:

Triassic Era is an educational iPad app for kids (K-12). It takes them back 250 million years when the very first dinosaurs came to life. Kids enjoy a 3D and interactive experience of living on Earth long before the Jurassic Era. They meet strange prehistoric creatures and learn about their habitat and lifestyle. Also, kids explore an interactive 3D map and timeline of planet Earth from its birth to creation and evolution of continents.

Triassic Era is unique because:

Triassic Era triggers kids' curiosity. It gives kids the unique experience of learning about Earth and life on it during ancient times. Kids can interact with a 3D globe and  prehistoric creatures. The live action videos of creatures let kids have an intimate experience of the Triassic era.  Voiceovers tell stories about prehistoric creatures and how they survived the biggest extinction on Earth. We believe that  combining art and technology has helped us create an appealing educational app.

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