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Trade The Games: Crypto Game

Trade The Games: Crypto Game

by Trade The Games


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Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game
Trade The Games: Crypto Game

Trade The Games is India’s first crypto fantasy trading game that has been developed by Technoloader (P) Ltd. It is groundbreaking platform that blends fantasy trading and cryptocurrency trading together while bringing the best out of them for people.

The motto of TTG is to make crypto trading easy and accessible to every person, especially the newbies to this activity. The profitable buying and selling of crypto take lots of understanding of markets, the nature of tokens and updates that impact the trade.

To ace this activity, traders have to gain experience and this is usually done after facing losses in the initial stage. And for a large number of beginners, it’s an Achilles heel that even forces them to forsake trading altogether. Trade The Games eliminates all those probabilities of failure and makes learning easier than done.

TTG combines fantasy gaming with crypto trading and gives you a perfect experience of learning. The platform does a great job of churning out rewards with multiple trading contests that happen simultaneously. Moreover, the winners will be able to earn real money in INR.

Phenomenal Features of Trade The Games

  • Safe transactions

  • Hassle-free withdrawal

  • Easy signup and joining

  • Rewards and bonuses in INR

  • Immersive Interactive Environment

  • Custom-built for Indian crypto users

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

  • Join content by paying a little fee, no lumpsum investment is needed

  • The pair list gives users many choices of crypto pairs to pick from

Things To Keep In Mind While Participating:

  • Basic knowledge of financial concepts

  • Spend time practising the trade to gain expertise

  • Be sure about the strategies used in trading

  • Stick to the trading spheres in India to evade risks

  • Try to analyze the traders’ behaviour and fluctuations

  • Make changes in your crypto trading moves and strategies

  • Any individual above 18 can play and win rewards on this platform

  • Keep the risks of trading at bay and keep winning money risk-free

  • It’s the go-to platform for beginners who want to keep learning and earning


  • Age should not be less than 18 years

  • Less than 5 bids will not be considered

  • TTG is not under any affiliation with NSE, BSE, SEBI

  • KYC completion is mandatory for withdrawal and bonus and rewards

  • TTG is not a trading platform, there is no real crypto used at all

TTG: Being An Instrument To Learn Trading Skills

This platform has been created to churn out endless opportunities to learn crypto trading without having to invest in real crypto. It encourages crypto enthusiasts to explore new avenues of crypto trading.

The participants are given 3 wallets, the cash wallet, reward wallet, and cash wallet. The users can participate after registering to the platform and the contests can be joined by paying the entry fee from any of these wallets. Only the user’s linked account can be used to add cash.

A fixed amount of virtual assets will be allocated to the wallet for buying and selling tokens in the contests. Participants are required to hit buy-sell at least five times in each contest. The live pricing of different cryptos can be seen in the candlesticks and charts. Users are free to pick any crypto pair of their choice from the list.

Profitable results are delivered by a higher portfolio that ensures more value. The platform emerges as a unique instrument to diversify the investment portfolios.

Keep growing as a trading enthusiast with TTG

This pioneering platform gives so many chances to beginners to learn about crypto trading without getting exposed to the risks. It lets them trade with a perfect strategy and outcomes.

With TTG, anyone can gain mastery over the buying and selling of crypto.