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To-Do Reminder

To-Do Reminder

by Kewitschka


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To-Do Reminder
To-Do Reminder
To-Do Reminder
To-Do Reminder
To-Do Reminder
To-Do Reminder

To-Do Reminder is a simple yet effective app designed to help you organize your daily tasks and to-dos. Thanks to the reminder function, you'll never forget important tasks again. If you need more time, you can easily snooze reminders with just one click.

You can enhance all your to-dos with priorities, tags, voice notes, attachments (images, PDFs), and (repeating) reminders. The clear widget for your home screen adds even more productivity, allowing you to check off tasks or create new ones directly.

To-Do Reminder is highly customizable to suit your preferences, offering a variety of settings. Choose from different themes to alter the appearance of the To-Do app, and activate the Dark Mode for a gentle on the eyes experience.


Intuitive User Interface Our To-Do app provides a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable.

Reminders Get notified when tasks are due. All to-dos can be easily rescheduled directly from the notification with a single click.

Widget Add the task list to your home screen for a comprehensive overview of your to-dos. The interactive widget allows you to check off and create tasks without opening the app.

Task Details To capture all details in your to-dos, you can add attachments and voice notes. For better task management, individual tags can be assigned. Of course, you can also prioritize tasks.

Filter and Search Options Use the filter function to sort your task list by tags, priorities, or due dates. Quickly find what matters most to you with the search feature.

Settings Extensive customization options allow you to tailor the To-Do app to your preferences. You can configure the appearance and functionality of the task list.

Statistics Receive detailed statistics on completed tasks, average processing times, and more.

Data Security We prioritize the security of your data. Your tasks are stored locally on your device - no cloud, no account. Manual backups can be created.