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Timed Texting

Timed Texting

by The Digi Wolves


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Timed Texting
Timed Texting
Timed Texting

Schedule and Automate your SMS with Timed Texting App.


Timed Text Message was invented to make life easier for the user! Timed Text Message gives the user the ability to type a message and set a later date and time on when it will send to the recipient(s), up to a year In the future! Also, it gives the user the ability to set a message to send to any address you pick; Then, upon arriving at that location, your message will be sent to the recipient(s)! This app will shine in business settings by reminding clients of appointments, by setting it to send right when they are walking out the door. It could also be used to update employees on various tasks, meetings, etc.! With Timed Text Message, you'll never have to miss saying Happy Birthday to anyone ever again!