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Tile Drag

Tile Drag

by White Bread Games


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Tile Drag
Tile Drag
Tile Drag
Tile Drag
Tile Drag
Tile Drag
Tile Drag

Tile Drag is a relaxing puzzle game. Connect all tiles of the same color to complete each level.

-Touch and drag a tile to move it.
-When you move a tile, all other tiles in the same row/column move as well.
-Tiles wrap around from the other side as you drag.
-The level is complete when all tiles of the same color touch.
-Harder levels include more tiles and more colors. Make all like colors touch to continue!
-Some tiles have more than one color. Make sure these touch the matching colors on all sides.
-Feel free to skip any level. Use the level select on the main menu.
-There's no way to lose a level. Keep trying!
-Want to see if you can solve a puzzle in less moves? Use level select to try again.
-Colorblind palette available in the settings.

Other features:
-One of the best phone games for adults!
-Free and addicting gameplay
-1200 unique sliding color block brain puzzles.
-When all matching color blocks touch, you win the level!
-Offline mode. No wifi needed on your phone!
-Cute cartoon user interface
-Casual game that will calm and relax you. Great for stress relief and reducing anxiety.
-Match all colors to reveal confetti!