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The Puzzle and You

The Puzzle and You

by skatefunky


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The Puzzle and You
The Puzzle and You
The Puzzle and You
The Puzzle and You
The Puzzle and You

If you are looking for some relaxation and want to challenge your mind, The Puzzle and You is the right thing to do! This sequel to Skull Flip! guides you through a variety of levels.

The puzzle game, which is based on the popular "Lights Out" hit principle, challenges your brain and awakens your creativity while you try to fill the board with color!

The interesting world of The Puzzle and You is a mix of relaxing background music and great puzzles that help you reach a state of flow.

The greatly reduced design helps you concentrate on the puzzles and does not interfere with the flow between your skills and the game.

The mixture of charming graphics and soothing music creates the perfect atmosphere to break away from common stressful situations such as a long work days, social demands or other expectations that we are constantly exposed to nowadays. Embark on a relaxing journey to inner peace with The Puzzle and You.

If you're looking for a fun, relaxing game, The Puzzle and You is exactly what you need!

How do you play The Puzzle and You?

You will learn the functionality and the aim of The Puzzle and You without any problems during the first level, where you are free to experiment with everything. Incidentally, this applies to the entire game! In the Puzzle and You there are no extra conditions that have to be met like in other games. You are shaping your own experience at your very own pace.
To complete a level, all you have to do is fill the entire playing field with color - sounds easy, but it gets tricky quickly! If you interact with a token, the neighboring tokens will invert their state as well!

How many levels are there?

At the moment the number of levels is limited to 250. A lot more are planned for the future, so you can be sure that The Puzzle and You will accompany you on a relaxing journey to inner peace later on, as well.

Are there any costs?

The Puzzle and You is 100% free. There are also no hidden costs, such as paid removal of advertisements. The Puzzle and You neither collect nor store private data. There are enough other games that do that already.