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The Mars Files

The Mars Files

by Claude Newman


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The Mars Files
The Mars Files

"The Mars Files" is a Mars themed game with a great storyline and sound design. In this game, you will play as a colonist trapped on Mars. You will save trapped astronauts, develop your own base and discover the mysteries of ancient humans.

Earth’s environment has grown too toxic to survive, and the Human United Government has to find a new planet to live on. Immigration ships were trapped in an asteroid belt while traveling, and the crew of the Napoleon flagship released a lifeboat, and you were ejected to the surface of Mars.

With the help of advanced AI robot 'Adam', you will learn how to operate the lifeboat and rescue the survivors. But as you scout the Mars for resources and friends , you stumble onto a lost civilization and a hidden history of the human race

Main features:

  • A Casual Mars Survival game
  • Various Game Endings Upon Your Choice
  • Fight Against Hundreds Unknown Alien monsters
  • Utilize Limited Resources To Survive On Mars
  • Explore The Red Planet To Find Out The Mystery About Lost Civilizations