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Tank Revolution

Tank Revolution

by Daisy Game Studio


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Tank Revolution
Tank Revolution
Tank Revolution
Tank Revolution
Tank Revolution

If you love to play action games, this game would be just right for you. Moreover, this game is exclusive for Android users.
-The game play: Choose from 8 different tanks and jump into battle. There are several kinds of enemy tanks who are just waiting to target you, to chase you and to destroy you. The game is easy to play but, the more missions you accomplish, the more hard it will be. There are 20 missions to complete at first. And more missions will be added very soon.
-The power-ups: There are four types of power-ups you can collect while playing. The health-pack will regain your health instantly to a certain extent. The speed-pack will boost your speed for a limited time, the shield-pack will make you invincible and the damage-pack will make your damage power very high.
-The unlock-able: You will get 3 tanks to choose and play with. But you can invite other people on Facebook to play the game and can unlock the rest of the tanks which are more deadly, powerful beasts.
-The leaders: You think, you are alone? Play more and more to gather scores and show the world what you can do. You can check your current rank in the stats too.
-The intolerable ads.: Yes, of course there are ads. in the game but it will not harm your game-play. It will show up only on finishing a mission. If you think this is also very annoying, the so called remove ads in-app-purchase will not bite you.
-The finishing: Still reading so far! Don't just wait, download, play, enjoy!