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Supply Rush

Supply Rush

by DEV Gaming Division


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Supply Rush
Supply Rush
Supply Rush
Supply Rush
Supply Rush
Supply Rush

In 2020, supplies like Toilet Paper Rolls or Soap became the new money - the new coins.
The new challenge appeared - a man kicked from the spinner wheel become a quill and has to collect as many supplies as he can get.
Collect supplies and avoid Enemies. You can hit the obstacles near the ground to gain extra points and get back on track!
Royal Toilet Paper, Soap, Bread? Get as much as you can for the highest score and to unlock new levels!
Try to get the highest score!

And now you can visit the dungeons! (Dragons not included ;)).
But wait! there are ghosts! :D
Collect gemstones, visit the underground library, and caves!
Precious Jewels sold for coins will help you to unlock incoming levels! 

We believe this game is for everyone. For kids in the kindergarten age, for school kids, for college students, and for adults. Everyone can try to get the best score :)

Watch out when you let your chidlren play. The game have in-app purchases.
It is one of the best android Games download, and also one of the best free mobile games.