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Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure

Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure

by spoonbox


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Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure
Super Stick Dragon Warrior Adventure

Super Stick Dragon is a free shadow adventure style stickman game, a great combination of action, platformer and exploration map to culminate in an excellent game adventure.

Prepare for the great shadow battle, you will be taken to a shadow war adventure, you will have to face powerful dragon warrior, situations where your jumping and flight skills will put you to the test.

The planet earth is in grave danger. A huge invasion of space capsules is coming to earth. Their intentions are malevolent, they are space super warrior better known as shadow saiyans, this race of stickman super warrior are known for colonizing entire planets, subduing their population and submerging it in the darkest shadows.
Under the command of a super evil stickman they are here to carry out his orders and annihilate humanity.
But there is a thread of hope, you are our great hope, take control of our stickman hero to prevent them from achieving their goal by annihilating all the enemy Stick warrior that cross your path and recovering the magic ball to invoke the great dragon that makes any dream come true.
Live a great adventure with Super Warrior Stickman Dragon Adventure. Save the planet from the attack of the evil super warrior and get the 6 magic ball before they get them and invoke the great magic dragon, thus saving the Earth and restoring peace to the world.

To learn to play this great adventure we have prepared a tutorial level where you will learn to master all the skills of our stickman hero.
The abilities of our Stick hero are composed of 4 types
Magic Baton: combine x3 hits to dominate shadow battles with our shadow warrior.
Energy ball or Ki ball: the best way to destroy shadow warriors from a distance, each ball you throw will lower your Ki, manage your energy well to perform the Ki energy ball.
Ability to fly: this is a very original feature that makes this game different from the rest of the games, you can fly! Yes, fly freely through any area of the map in each level.
Super energy cannon: this ability will allow you to access secret walls that you will have to break to continue the adventure, it also allows you to eliminate several Stick warrior at the same time. For this you will have to have an almost complete charge of Ki energy.
And finally, the jumping ability, is the ability that you will use the most throughout the game, this platform adventure will require your skill to calculate the jumps and combine them with the other stickman warrior skills of our Z Stick shadow hero.

In order to overcome the entire game, the levels to complete are 12 plus the tutorial. In these 12 levels you will find all kinds of tests that you will have to overcome and they are divided into 4 different areas distributed. Every 2 levels you will recover a magic ball that will serve us to invoke at the end of the game the legendary dragon that will make our dreams come true.

One of the main characteristics of our legendary stickman is to collect the ball that give us experience points, these experience points will make our shadow Stick increase its combat level. As the player increases his experience level, he will carry out transformations that will improve both the life of our character and the power in each blow to provide, the evolutions that our character undergoes are those of a super stickman warrior, to the point of becoming a practically invincible warrior god.
To do this, you will have to collect as many XP ball as possible, discovering secret areas where they are and going through the map in its entirety in order to find them.

Download now! To be the super stickman shadow warrior, save the earth by recovering each magic ball until the 6 are completed and summon the Dragon that is inside. Remember the fate of the Earth is in your hands, you are part of the Stickman legends in this great adventure Super Stick Dragon .