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Spry Reader

Spry Reader

by Digital Caravan Factory


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Spry Reader
Spry Reader
Spry Reader
Spry Reader
Spry Reader
Spry Reader

Spry Reader is a powerful reader app that takes reading on a mobile device to the next level. By giving your brain the challenge it needs, Spry Reader engages you in Deep Reading - a state of total immersion which allows you to read much faster with improved focus and comprehension. 

In a nutshell Spry Reader lets you complete your daily reading (web articles, news, e-books, etc.) in a fraction of the time it used to take. 

Many of our users report doubling their reading speed within the first week of usage and being so engrossed in what they read that time seems to fly by.


* Reading Evolved - Spry Reader brings the latest in tech and human performance optimization, allowing you to read with phenomenal speed, focus and comprehension.

* Deep Reading – The Word Player tech challenges your brain to read faster and faster, creating the perfect conditions for you to slip into Flow - a special mode of consciousness that world class performers use to dominate their field.

* Listen - The built in Voice Player allows you to listen to articles, news and e-books as if they were audiobooks.

* Build a reading habit - we all want to read more! Set a daily challenge and Spry Reader will help you form a lasting reading habit!

* Stay inspired - Our detailed statistics and ranking system give you the insight and motivation you need to keep leveling up as your reading speed increases.

* Focus – Spry Reader is designed to give you a distraction free reading experience so that you can complete your daily reading much faster.

* Read Any Text – you can read any text just by copy/pasting it into Spry Reader

* Books – Spry Reader can help you quickly read any book saved in the .epub, pdf or txt format.

* Spry Cloud – Add books and articles to your cloud library and read them later from any of your apple devices. The available flags and filters allow you to keep your collection well organized so you can find what you need with a tap of the finger.

* Share with Spry Reader - Spry Reader has been integrated into your browser and Files app so that you can Share articles and ebooks directly to your private library.

* Bookmarks – Spry Reader allows you to place multiple bookmarks so that you can easily navigate large texts

* Intuitive UI - Simple and intuitive, Spry Reader’s interface allows you to control your user experience with a single tap.