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Sort the Little Troubles

Sort the Little Troubles

by creativespartans


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Sort the Little Troubles
Sort the Little Troubles
Sort the Little Troubles
Sort the Little Troubles
Sort the Little Troubles

Sort the Little Troubles

Unwind and challenge your mind with the Sort the Little Troubles game, a captivating collection of mini-puzzles designed to soothe your soul and sharpen your skills.


Immerse yourself in a world of satisfying mini-games with simple click, tap & swipe puzzles:

• Sort, arrange, fidget, and complete oddly satisfying tasks in a collection of calming mini-games.

• Sorting for OCD: Arrange and categorize objects in a visually pleasing manner, triggering a sense of calm and order.

• Arrange in order: Put things in their rightful place, experiencing the joy of meticulous organization.

• Fidgeting: Engage in delightful, tactile activities like pop buttons, soap-cutting sliders & switches that provide a sense of playful distraction.

• Oddly Satisfying brain games: Complete tasks that are strangely captivating and visually stimulating with a bit of brain challenge.


• Endless Variety: Discover a vast library of unique mini-puzzles, ensuring endless entertainment.

• Progressive Difficulty: Gradually increase your challenge as you master each level.

• Relaxing Aesthetics: Enjoy calming ASMR visuals and soothing soundscapes that promote a sense of tranquility & relaxation with ASMR sounds.

• Brain-Teasing Fun: Exercise your cognitive skills while having fun and relieving stress.